Corporate Identity with Moisture Wicking Shirts

Posted by John Gallagher on 5/20/2017 to Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity with Moisture Wicking Shirts

Corporate identity is the way a company identifies itself to the public. Maintaining standards such as the logo, tagline and dress code, all relate to a cohesive corporate identity.

Customized Moisture Wicking Shirts

In keeping up with today’s technology, there are moisture wicking shirts available.

Name Badge Types and Uses

Posted by John Gallagher on 5/9/2017 to Corporate Identity

Security is one of the important aspects of every company. Name badges provide safety and identity in numerous ways in a workplace. Name Badges prevent former employees from gaining access to the workplace. They also prevent visitors from entering the building or office without permission.

Custom PrintedWindow Name Badges

In addition, corporate Identity starts with how you identify yourself. Custom Printed name badges are one of the silent salespersons of corporate identity.

USB Drive-Brochures

Posted by John Gallagher on 4/18/2017 to Corporate Identity

Preloaded Custom USB Drives

Many companies that exhibit at tradeshows, hand out some type of inexpensive promotional giveaways. Unfortunately, many times these choices are not well thought out and sometimes ordered as an after-thought. These promotional products either do not have anything to do with the company’s corporate identity or are of poor quality such as a pen that contains very little ink or falls apart after the first few uses. A tradeshow checklist would be important to follow.

Convertible Table Covers

Posted by John Gallagher on 3/29/2017 to Trade Show Items

Tradeshow preparedness is paramount to setting up a booth and creating an inviting environment for the attendees.

Tablecloth coverings become the booths’ name identifier. Without it, the exhibitor really becomes nameless as the attendees walk past the booth, unless they can identify something in the booth to draw them in.

Tradeshow Convertible Table Covers

What to Look for in Pop-Up Event Tents

Posted by John Gallagher on 2/26/2017 to Trade Show Items

Custom Printed Pop-Up Tents

Here are the most important features to look for regarding the structure and framing of a pop-up display tent:

·        First consider the size of the tent based on the allotted display space. The 3 most popular tent sizes are 10’ x 10’, 10’ x15’ and 10’ x 20’  

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