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Promotional Roadside Emergency Kits & Customized Booster Cables

Rarely are auto emergency tools needed or used, however, when there is a need, they are invaluable.As a result, items like safety lights and air compressors give the driver the tools to do a quick repair and go on their way. The conversations created by the driver about their experience using the custom printed emergency kits, offers valued long term advertising that money can't pay for. Consider these company logo roadside emergency tools and kits.

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Auto Safety Tool
Item #5732
Your Price: $2.06
Custom Logo Life-Saving Hammer
Item #1766
Your Price: $2.77
Reflective Vest
Item #5733
Your Price: $4.59
3 In 1 Emergency Tool Set
Item #5735
Your Price: $6.89
Promotional Flashlight-Emergency Tool
Item #1754
Your Price: $9.72
Promotional Booster Cables
Item #405
Your Price: $13.00
Promotional Emergency Auto Kit
Item #899
Your Price: $15.44
Promotional 27-Piece Roadside Tool Set
Item #900
Your Price: $17.87
Promotional Safety Joe Escape Tool
Item #2636
Your Price: $19.10
Promotional Life Gear Emergency Auto Tool
Item #2644
Your Price: $21.20
neet Personalized Toolbox
Item #2005
Your Price: $22.64
Auto Safety Kit
Item #5734
Your Price: $22.99
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Create a Safe Environment with Custom Printed Auto Emergency Tool

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Auto Safety Kit
Auto Safety Kit
Reflective Vest
Reflective Vest
Auto Safety Tool
Auto Safety Tool
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