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Features of Customized & Promotional Fruit Infusers

Fruit infusers are a bottles that hold fruit inside a mesh strainer that attaches to the inside of the water bottle. When filled with water, the juices from the fruit become infused with the water, creating the flavor of the fruit. Best part is that the user of the bottle can actually eat the fruit as well. This is a healthy way toward promoting a more nutrient rich life style to replenish the natural sugars to the user. The bottles can be taken apart for easy cleaning and adding fruit to the bottle. 
Features of these bottles to look for are strainers that screw together at the base of the bottle so the fruit is always in the water. Strainers that attach to the cap of the bottle will not come in contact with the water as a person drinks down the liquid. Other features to look for are BPA free and dishwasher safe bottles.
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Iggy Infuser
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18 Oz Tritan Infuser Bottle
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Tutti Frutti 25-oz. Tritan Sport Bottle
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18oz. Shake It Up Bottle
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25 Oz. Fruit Fusion Bottle
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25oz. Infuser Bottle
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Fruiton BPA Free Infuser Bottle 25oz
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24 oz. Orbit Infuser
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28oz. Blender Bottle
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18 Oz. Infuser Glass Bottle
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